Music Missing The Point

If you are like the majority of people in today’s world, especially the younger population, you have listened to music via the radio. There is nothing wrong with that but while you listen to each song, I would like you to listen to the lyrics not only the melodies. What will you notice? You will more than likely notice that IT ALL SOUNDS THE SAME! Whether it is Country, Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, heck even the Rock music genre. Does anyone have diversity in music taste anymore? Why is it that with all the advancements of technologies, the music industry has suffered. The dynamics of music composition have declined because society has lowered standards, writers are composing for multiple singers, and consumers only value what is popular and trendy.

     Anyone with their head screwed on straight will notice that the modern music industry is a huge piece of society in how it affects its producers, consumers, musicians, singers, and everyone in between. Society celebrates the likes of Justin Bieber, One Direction, Lady GaGa, and Eminem encouraging our youth to emulate their behaviors and embrace their musical styles. I guess it is more important to have a role model whose fashion is to walk around in public in a meat dress (GaGa at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards). Yes, a meat dress is fashionable apparently. Bieber’s antics include smoking joints, and yes the “totally modest” sagging of the pants far below his waist exposing his underwear. Gosh that is so classy! We are the product of our culture (if we choose to be) and that is what these “celebrities” and others like them portray. 

     Music today is all the same. This is obvious to any radio-listening junkie. If you would like examples please watch this YouTube channel . The user has a video called “How to Write a Catchy Song (Song), as many of his videos he displays the flaw in modern music, as scripted in his video description, “Everything you need to know to write a song that will be stuck in everyone’s head for days!” Using 4 simple chords the G,C or Cadd9, Em, and D, anyone can play any popular single that is out there today. It is so basic and so boring once you open your mind to the underlying sounds of pop and yes even mainstream Country. As a fan of Country, I am ashamed, but then that is the  reason I do not like mainstream music. Everybody shares everything, the music, the style, the lyrics, and the composers. Gone are the days of singer-songwriters, quality ones at that. Gone are the days of music that tell stories, that display true-to-life scenarios and emotional moments that make the listener connect to the lyrics and the message, instead of being hooked on a simply because its trendy and you can jam out to it. Honestly, the music industry is all about, immorality (you all know what I mean), drinking, drugs, falling in love, girls in trucks, and parties. Writers and companies want money and to get money you write about what people want, what is trendy, what is hip. This is why you only hear certain songs on the radio, they are the only songs that acknowledge public access by radio stations

      The music industry is on the downward spiral, so music suffers; it all sounds the same! (have I stressed that enough). writer Hannah Evans says. “It all sounds the same because, when you’re in an industry which is in trouble and you find something that actually works, you stick to it. Co-writers provide the modern-day music industry with the financial crutch it needs; after all, it’s the hits that keep the lights on.” (1) As stated earlier, music that is catchy, that has commonalities is what gets the people going and for the music companies, it is what will increase the cash-flow. That is why all the songs that are being played are the same old drink-it-up-party-all-night-get-down-truckin’-backroading-barefoot-bluejeans-feel-good songs. Enough already!

Let us get back to the music that mattered. The music that made us feel the emotions, the ups and downs of everyday life, the real and the raw feelings of struggles, accomplishments, and the good times that you shared with those you love. That is what mainstram music should consist of.



What makes a leader?

What Makes a Leader? 

      “Good leaders are made not born. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.”  (Jago, 1982)

      What is Leadership? It is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Image

      Often leaders and bosses do not come hand-in-hand. The difference between the two is fundamental! Leader implies the action of leading, showing you how it should be done, giving you helpful hints, even helping you perform the project. A boss may perform these characteristics but perhaps it is seen only in a smaller business or organizational setting. Bosses generally administer you a project, set a deadline, and continue on with some other activity. This may put the ol’ boss in a bad light, but it is not the intention. Let’s pull away from the business aspect, shall we?

Being a leader does not imply being head of the group, the commission, the community, or the platoon. The leader is the one who inspires, who communicates, who handles each situation he/she faces with integrity, intelligence and determination. Each day the leader strives to become better, never resting on the accomplishments that have been surpassed. It is not natural to be a leader, it comes with time, with continued effort, and with responsibility  A good leader is humble not boastful, he works for and with those under his guidance; to be the bearer of the whip is incorrect, it is better to cast the whip aside and join in the struggle to get the job done. Therein is the secret to success and therein a leader will find respect and love from his followers for he understands the toils and labors of the worker, the commoner, the footsoldier, the slave. If he is of higher rank, the leader puts aside the nobilities and joins his men at the frontline. If he truly be a leader, he will not sound the charge and sit back to watch the slaughter, he will go willingly, first to leave the line and take the enemy head on, with his men close behind.

What In the World is Wrong With the World

          What is wrong with the world? Really? it has become so corrupt with so much filth. Chivalry is dead and Immorality prevails through various mediums. Modern society tells us to enjoy life, do what makes us happy, nothing is wrong, as long as you are happy everything is all well and good : YOLO. People wonder why our youth are becoming such lazy, pot smoking, crime committing, teen parenting meth heads.

          Isn’t it obvious? Look at the environment they are brought up in! Your average 9 year old has a cell phone, much more a smartphone! (When I was 9, i was playing outside, digging in the dirt and *gasp* using my imagination to entertain myself.) The smartphone is a useful tool but for anyone it can be used for the wrong thing. Porn and other immoral media can easily be accessed. Children are captivated more by an electronic contraption providing their entertainment then finding things to do that didn’t involve cords, outlets, and bright screens.

          If only we could be more like innocent children. Have you ever given a child gift in a box; open the box and give them gift. What happens next is a thing of beauty. They play with the toy for a few moments, maybe even a few minutes then gradually their attention is fixated on the box, yes that empty box composed of cardboard. It’s called an imagination, every kid has one, but thanks to modern innovations and technology, imagination gets sent to the back of the bus.

          Electronics are a means, they can be used for good or they can be abused, sadly the abuse outweighs the proper use. However, electronics are not the sole problem, they are the doorway to the mansion of immorality and evil that can invade the innocence of youth.