What In the World is Wrong With the World

          What is wrong with the world? Really? it has become so corrupt with so much filth. Chivalry is dead and Immorality prevails through various mediums. Modern society tells us to enjoy life, do what makes us happy, nothing is wrong, as long as you are happy everything is all well and good : YOLO. People wonder why our youth are becoming such lazy, pot smoking, crime committing, teen parenting meth heads.

          Isn’t it obvious? Look at the environment they are brought up in! Your average 9 year old has a cell phone, much more a smartphone! (When I was 9, i was playing outside, digging in the dirt and *gasp* using my imagination to entertain myself.) The smartphone is a useful tool but for anyone it can be used for the wrong thing. Porn and other immoral media can easily be accessed. Children are captivated more by an electronic contraption providing their entertainment then finding things to do that didn’t involve cords, outlets, and bright screens.

          If only we could be more like innocent children. Have you ever given a child gift in a box; open the box and give them gift. What happens next is a thing of beauty. They play with the toy for a few moments, maybe even a few minutes then gradually their attention is fixated on the box, yes that empty box composed of cardboard. It’s called an imagination, every kid has one, but thanks to modern innovations and technology, imagination gets sent to the back of the bus.

          Electronics are a means, they can be used for good or they can be abused, sadly the abuse outweighs the proper use. However, electronics are not the sole problem, they are the doorway to the mansion of immorality and evil that can invade the innocence of youth.


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